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Lets do this!
MCHall Take it off!
Okay so my weekend Officially started onf Friday. Me and Rob went over to Lauras house to wait for everyone to get thier we set  up 3 beer pong tables and informed everyone that this was the Beer Pong Olympics after everyone got thier it became amazing me and Dan were on the same team we represented the Scotland with our plaid bandannas we rocked apprently im fuckin amazing at Beer Pong. Im pretty sure me and Dan were the undefeated champs. Eventually rob left i felt really bad about but he kept telling me thiers no reason to be. lol ... after all that we played FlipCup which im sure was everyones downfall of the whole night  the teams first started out as me Tom and Laura but Dan was like no Miranda is on my team so me and Joe switched sides... Eventually we were all to drunk to play flip cup anymore Dan kept pickin on me all night so i tackeld his ass saying i was gonna kill him once he was ont he floor i stuffed a bandanna in his mouth and dragged him across the room claiming he was dead. After all that we went to Mcdonalds (might i add we were fuckin wasted) and got lots of food everything from thier on was very blurry.
Saturday i had to go to work at 4 i felt drunk all day thank god it was slow.
Sunday me and laura made enchalatas and Dan and Joe came over and we played mexican music ate and had a good time.... We were playing Apples to Apples when we found out steve was on his way  so we went outside to meet him but then all decided to run and hide somehow it ended up turning into hide and seek Laura and Joe on one team and me and Dan on the other lol poor steve. Dan bit me hard as hell at some point i have thebite and teeth marks to prove it still lol.
But anyway after all that we decidedto go wegmans which dan and joe got these wax mustache's omg Dan looks like he should have one lol !
Then we went to the  park mind u its like midnight by now me and Dan were creeping Laura out by walking and sounding like Zombies the whole time now that i think about it was pretty creepy.
Today me and laura went to Akron falls laura made me climb a cliff like 13 times but it was fun as hell least im working out.

I serisously did not want this weekend to end i had way too much work 2morrow 7-3 ugh well at least im looking for a new job :)


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